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Pre-sale & Airdrop
Join the Airdrop and Pre-sale at: https://pokemons.io/airdrop/
PokeBall Token Pre-sale
Sale amount: 30,000,000 BALL
Sale price: 1 BNB = 30,000 BALL
Min buy: 0.01BNB Max buy: 10BNB
End time: 2:00 AM UTC September 30, 2021
PokeBall Token Airdrop
Airdrop amount: 1,000,000 BALL
Each recipient: 25 BALL
Invite your friends to claim airdrop and receive 2% bonus
Invite your friends to buy pre-sale and receive 5% bonus
Example, Your friend buy pre-sale 300 BALL You receive 15 BALL
Example, Your friend claims airdrop 25 BALL You receive 0.5 BALL
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